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Dreamy Maternity Session in Fairmount Philadelphia

A picture perfect scene. A bright sunny day, with blue skies and a gentle warm breeze. Flowers swaying, and birds singing. But then… you're snapped back to reality and see swarms of people around. An exercise group that looks like what could be crossfit. A slightly strange fitness group bouncing around on what could only be described as kangaroo shoes. A group of men fishing with loud music. Huh, not exactly a picture perfect scene after all. What to do. Possibly a photographer’s nightmare.

Thankfully we have solutions to those pesky distractions and won’t let them get us down. Welcome back to your real life daydream! Fairmount Park is that dream. Filled with magazine-worthy backdrops, Fairmount transports you out of the city and takes you to your European oasis.

My sister Jessica and her family made the suburbian voyage into the city-turned-oasis for her maternity session. We escapaded through the back of the Philadelphia Art Museum area, wandered through Water Works, and climbed some steep walkways (that made me realize just how out of shape I am -- but hey, I’ll blame it on being 5 months postpartum!).

It was a beautiful day with a beautiful family, and I cannot wait to have more dreamy sessions here!

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