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What to wear for family photos

Hey fabulous family! I'm absolutely thrilled that you've chosen to embark on this picture-perfect journey with me! It's not just a session; it's a memory-making extravaganza! To ensure your family photos truly shine, I've put together a style guide that ensures you'll not only look fantastic but also complement my signature bright and beautiful aesthetic.

Say farewell to the dark side: embrace the light!

Dark colors (while undoubtedly chic), will not give us those bright and vibrant vibes that I'm known for. Dark colors tend to absorb light, which can cast shadows and dim the radiant glow we're aiming for. If you're envisioning photos that have my signature bright look, then I'd highly advise choosing clothing that is also bright (think whites, creams, neutrals, pastels, etc.).

P.S. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing dark clothing! I adore my client's photos above who wore the black colors (especially since it was fall! Season plays into it as well). My point is simply if you want to achieve the bright airy look that I'm known for, the light colors are your best bet.

Mix and Match: The Power of Coordination

Coordinating your outfits doesn't mean everyone wears the same thing. Instead, think about a color palette that blends seamlessly. Neutrals like whites, creams, sage, and grays paired with complementary colors create a visually stunning and harmonious look for your family ensemble.

This is my family! I don't share my kids' faces on the internet :)

Patterns, Prints, and Textures – Oh My!

There is a fine balance in managing visual uniformity and interest while not being distracting. Instead of opting for busy patterns and stripes (which can cause images to feel cluttered or chaotic), consider incorporating subtle textures into your outfits. Think about the softness of knits, the richness of velvet, or the breeziness of linen. These textures not only add depth and visual interest but also create a sense of tactile luxury in your photos. So instead of diversifying with prints and patterns, do so with color palette and different materials.

Comfort is Key

While style is important, so is comfort! Make sure you feel confident and relaxed in your outfit. If you bought a dress that just doesn't feel like you, or maybe borrowed an outfit from a friend and you aren't totally sure, I'd encourage you to keep looking! When you feel confident, you will look confident. And my goal is to have you be as relaxed and comfortable as possible in front of the camera, and your wardrobe definitely plays into this!

Coordination at a Glance: The Google Slide Hack

I personally use this hack when planning my own family's wardrobe for our photo sessions– creating a visual wardrobe storyboard using Google Sheets! Follow these steps to ensure every family member's ensemble harmonizes perfectly:

  1. Screenshot your outfits: When browsing online for outfits, take screenshots of things you like as you go. Or when you're at the store or searching through your closet, take pictures of every realistic option.

  2. Create a vision-board in Google Slides: Open Google Slides or PowerPoint and paste all of your screenshots/photos into it side-by-side. Feel free to make multiple slides so that you can see various outfit combinations.

  3. Evaluate Coordination: Look at the slide as a whole. Does the color palette flow seamlessly? Are patterns and textures balanced?

  4. Share with me: If you still aren't sure or would just like a second opinion, I am happy to review your Slide vision board! I know it can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming planning outfits, so I am always happy to help coordinate! f. Share and Collaborate: If there are other decision-makers in your family, share the Google Sheet with them. It's a collaborative way to get everyone on the same page, ensuring a cohesive and stylish family look.

With all of these tips, you're sure to look and feel your absolute best. So, let's make this session unforgettable – choose light colors with varying textures that make you feel confident and comfortable. And when all else fails, I'm here to help!

I am a newborn and family photographer with a bright and beautiful style based in Philadelphia, PA. Click the button below to connect with me and learn more about booking your session!

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