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How to choose a family photographer | Philadelphia Family Photography

So you’re in the market for a family photographer. But you’re met with this dilemma–how on earth do we choose someone when there are SO MANY photographers to choose from?! The options feel endless and maybe you’re left feeling overwhelmed.

This blog post is going to be your handy guide–I’m going to give you practical things to look for when choosing the photographer that is right for your family. My goal is to make this convoluted decision making process a bit easier for you. Here we go!

1. Define your own personal style

This has everything to do with how a photographer edits their photos. Are you drawn to bright, beautiful images that convey happiness and dreaminess (like mine!)? Or do you gravitate to those saturated, true-to-life, bold, bright colors? Or maybe you’re a bit moodier and love the dark bold images…

Or maybe you have no idea yet! A good way to discover what type of photography is right for you is to look around your house–what the vibe? Do you like clean, timeless décor? Do you like bold funky colors? Or maybe you love dark colors and cozy wood. There’s no right or wrong answer. It truly depends on what you love and what you are drawn to.

This is the beauty of art! There is something for everyone! So just be sure that the photographer you are inquiring with has a clear, defined style that you align with.

2. What type of experience are you hoping for?

Are you looking for a quick session with no-nonsense? Or are you hoping for a more involved experience where there’s no rush, the photographer takes time to connect with you, and you savor your session? Do you want to talk on the phone with your photographer or communicate through email? Do you want to meet in person to purchase prints after the session? There are so many varied experiences that photographer offer!

3. Ask/research about the photographers working experience

It’s ok to ask your potential photographer how much experience they have doing this. Or maybe if you don’t want to outright ask them, do a little research. Try to find out how well they work with kids (from word of mouth, behind the scenes, etc.), if they have their own kids (that can make a huge difference!), if they regularly take photos of children or if they are primarily a wedding photographer, etc. Try to dig in to see what their experience with children is like, because working with kids is an entirely different skill set than working with adults!

4. Do you want digital images or prints? Or both?

Every photographer varies in whether they sell the digital images versus prints or a combination. Most photographers who primarily sell the digital images do not require any in-person or post-session meetings. However, photographers whose model is in-person sales (IPS) will most likely meet with you (whether virtually or in-person) to sell you prints, framed images, and digital images after your session. So you need to take into account what you would like to make time for and what is most important to you from your session.

There are absolutely other aspects to consider when looking for a photographer, but I hope this provides a good starting place as you think through finding the perfect photographer for your family.

If you’re wondering, here’s how I’d describe my photography business based on this guide:

  1. Melissa Joy Photography is known for bright, beautiful, timeless, and genuine images.

  2. I love connecting with my clients and getting to know them, and I always follow the lead of the little ones during our session and never rush. Most communications are online, but I do offer wardrobe consultation calls if my clients are interested. My gallery delivery time is within 2 weeks from our session, and you can download your digital images and print in your own time.

  3. I’ve been in business since early 2021, but ever since digital cameras came out I’ve pretty much always had one in my hands. I simply adore working with children–I think they are the most genuine and loveable humans. I have two young children of my own which has definitely given me an insider's advantage to knowing how to interact and keep them engaged. Working with children in a collaborative, fun way is always my goal.

  4. Digital images are included in your package when you book with me. You have the option of printing images through my preferred, built-in lab, but it is not required. I also offer adding on albums which include your favorite images from our session!

If it sounds like we’d be a good fit, I would absolutely love to serve you and your family. Click the button to reach out and learn more!

philadelphia family photography | mom holding baby boy and dad holding baby girl all smiling at the camera
Philadelphia family photography | candid image of family of 4 smiling
Philadelphia family photography | dad holds baby smiling down at her
Philadelphia family photography | mom holds baby girl up in the air while dad and mom smile at her
Philadelphia family photography | baby twin brother and sister sit down on path next to each other looking at camera
Philadelphia family photography | mom and dad kiss while mom holds baby girl and baby boy is on dad's shoulders
Philadelphia family photography | mom holds baby boy and dad holds baby girl all while smiling at the camera
Philadelphia family photography | mom holds baby girl up while smiling at the camera and dad smiles over at mom while holding baby boy
Philadelphia family photography | family photoshoot
Philadelphia family photography | twin brother and sister in grass
Philadelphia family photography | dad holds baby girl up in the air
Philadelphia family photography | family of four photoshoot baby on shoulders
Philadelphia family photography | dad tickles baby's feet while sitting in grass
Philadelphia family photography | family of 4 sitting on blanket in grass with baby girl on dad's shoulders
Philadelphia family photography  | mom reading to babies
Philadelphia family photography | mom poses with twin toddlers
Philadelphia family photography | twin boy and girl sit in grass
Philadelphia family photography | twin toddlers sit on each other's lap
Philadelphia family photography | mom holding baby boy in air while baby girl sits on dad's shoulders

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