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South Philly Lifestyle Session

It has been over a year since we last saw each other. As Becca got out of her car, we tentatively approached each other and gave a hug. A hug?! How bizarre that something so normal as a hug could feel so… novel. Something that we all never even used to think twice about. And now, thanks to science and very smart people, we can hug again!

I first met Becca in 2017 when she and her then boyfriend (now husband) were playing in a local kickball league with my husband (I was the sideline cheerleader). Chatting in a bar after one of the games, Becca mentioned that they were going to be joining a softball league next. I casually said something like that “sounds so fun, I would love to do that!” And Becca, being the very friendly person she is, said we should join them on their team. So we did! And our friendship was born through softball.

As I wrote “2017,” I was shocked that it’s been 4 years already! So much has changed with both of our lives since then. Becca got married, started a new job, bought a house, earned her masters degree, and now is working on her own business! She’s a registered dietician and now sees private patients. She’s accomplished quite an impressive amount in 4 years!

I’m so thankful to have known Becca for these past 4 years, I can’t wait to see the amazing things she will keep accomplishing!

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