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South Philadelphia Newborn Session

There's nothing sweeter than newborns. Or so they say 😅 While I love my children very dearly, I can't say that I personally enjoyed the newborn stage very much. My kids both had reflux in varying degrees & they both could have won contests for "baby who spits up the most." Let's just say, life got much better for me once my babies were 5+ months.

However, other people's newborns?! YES! They're beautiful & sweet & smell amazing 😍 There's something incredibly special & almost holy about newborns. They're these perfect little bundles so fresh & full of promise. It's an honor & a privilege to be able to capture these first moments for my clients.

Big brother Gavin made sure I felt at home during the Walker's newborn session. He showed me all of his sweet new sister Eloise's toys & her new room. He even helped me take a picture! He was a champ & did amazing during our session! It's clear he loves his little sis.

I'm pretty sure that Ali & Nick should go into business as the dynamic home reno duo. Nick has done all of their home renovations & Ali has decorated the house beautifully. I loved how light & airy it was. And Eloise's nursery was so adorable & full of unique little details that made it magazine-worthy. We also discovered that Ali & I both have a love for gold 😁

This little girl is so loved by her family & she's so lucky to have an amazing family who love on her. And Ali, Nick, and Gavin are so lucky to have this precious little girl in their lives. Capturing their love was an honor 🤍

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