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Reasons to hire a photographer for your next party

Have you ever considered hiring a photographer for a party or event you're hosting? 🤔 You most likely didn’t even think twice about hiring a photographer for your wedding. Why? Because obviously it was an important memory that you wanted to cherish forever. Now can you imagine if you didn't a photographer for your wedding? You’d be running around asking family members to scramble around with their iPhones and you’d have your own “nice camera” to capture pictures here and there, all while not being present in the moment or enjoying yourself very much.

While a birthday party or similar event may not be quite as “high stakes” as your wedding was, they’re usually still important memories that we want to remember and cherish forever. So here are some reasons you should consider hiring on for your next event or party!

1. It helps you stay present in the moment

I don’t know about you, but when I am running around with my phone to try to capture pictures of whatever moment or thing is happening (say my kid blowing out their candles, or my daughter giving her little brother a hug and kiss), it can be really hard for me to remain in the moment and fully enjoy what’s happening. But when I know that there’s a skilled, experienced photographer there to capture those sweet, precious, fleeting moments, I can be at ease and be fully be present with my family and friends, trusting that I’ll have memories both in my heart and in pictures.

2. It helps take some stress away

For some reason, taking pictures of my own kids tends to stress me out sometimes. And then not to mention, if I’m the one planning/hosting the party, the added stress of having to be the one to document everything in picture form is sometimes just too much stress to handle. Having to make sure everyone is fed, having fun, staying cool, etc., and then having to also take pictures while having fun and staying present myself… that’s just too much for me!

So maybe you aren’t like me and you don’t mind taking your own pictures during your parties/events. More power to you! But if you are like me, I highly recommend putting your mind at ease and trusting me to take your event pictures, so you can be present and keep the stress away!

For more information on booking your next event with me, click the button!

First birthday party Philadelphia photographer
Philadelphia first birthday party little girl with giant balloon and party hat
First birthday party Philadelphia family photographer
First birthday smash cake with party hat Philadelphia family photographer
First birthday party Philadelphia family photographer
First birthday party Philadelphia family photographer
First birthday party Philadelphia family photographer
First birthday party Philadelphia family photographer

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