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Philly Newborn Photographer | Bekah & Jim

I'm not going to lie... I can get nervous before my sessions. The combination of wanting to give my clients an amazing experience, wanting to deliver excellent quality photos, and so many other variables lead me to some pre-session jitters. However, as time has gone on and I've gotten more experience with sessions and more comfortable, the nerves are far less than what they once were.

However, this particular session I had some extra nerves. Primarily because this family had worked with an AMAZING local photographer for their first daughter's newborn photos. The photographer is one of my favorite photographers out there and she's a regular source of my inspiration. So being compared to her was a littleeee intimidating to say the least!

Amid the nerves, I bolstered up my confidence and focused on delivering an amazing experience and a treasured gallery of images for this lovely little fam. It's always an honor being part of my client's most precious memories, and it was an extra special honor to serve this family after they've used such an amazingly talented photographer in the past.

I am a Philly family photographer giving my clients light & airy, dreamy, and genuine photos that they will cherish forever. To learn more about booking a session with me, click the button below. I can't wait to serve you!

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