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Philadelphia Maternity Session at Bartram's Garden

Back in my favorite urban oasis Bartram’s Garden, I had the privilege of showing N & J the beautiful garden for the first time. While they have lived in Philly for 10 years, they had yet to visit the picturesque destination. If I had to guess, I would imagine that after seeing its beauty they will be making some more visits soon. And when they visit next, they will have the privilege of showing their new baby the garden for the first time.

It was a bustling day at the Garden, full of people, sunshine, and the end of summer glow. However, shooting in full mid-day sunshine can be really tricky and requires creative angling and positioning. I was so thankful for N & J’s patience while I figured out the best places and angles to work the lighting just right. I think their patience paid off, and we were able to capture their love and longing as they anticipated their baby girl.

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