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My favorite places for photos sessions in Philadelphia

I’m totally not biased at all when I say that Philly is the best city. From the bold and boisterous people, to the charming historic city streets, Philly has it all. And as a photographer, I’ve had the privilege of exploring some of the most beautiful parts of the city. Here are five of my very favorite places to have portrait sessions:

When you arrive at Bartram’s Garden, you will immediately forget that you are in the city. It’s an urban oasis lush with beautiful gardens and towering trees. It’s free to enter, and I believe you only need a permit to shoot there if you are doing engagement or wedding photos. It’s open from dawn until dusk, and my favorite time to visit is summer when all of the flowers are blooming. I had mini sessions here in June and they were so pretty (click here to see pictures from then!).

Family of three walking holding hands in Philadelphia PA

Visiting the Horticulture Center in the springtime is an absolute MUST! The cherry blossoms draw countless visitors and lure you in with their stunning beauty. I host annual mini sessions during blooming time, and they’re always a huge hit (see more of this past year’s here!). There’s also a greenhouse that is free to enter which would make a dreamy spot for some portraits.

You might be thinking “A bank?!” And the short answer is yes! But I don’t mean the inside of the bank. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been inside! I’m talking about the outside of the building in the rear. It’s majestic and historic and just a perfect location for getting some stunning portraits. Maybe I should take a peek inside one day!

4. The Navy Yard

I personally think the Navy Yard is one of Philly’s hidden gems. During the week, it’s a bustling hub for business. However, the times that I’ve visited on the weekends for photoshoots and to hangout with my family, it’s been quite empty, which makes it a great spot for sessions. Central Green and the surrounding areas are some of my favorite places to shoot. There’s also a parking garage that can make for some cool photos that has been vacant every time I’ve been there. And there’s also a cool Commander’s Office building (where Broad St and Kitty Hawk Ave meet).

I love spending time in serene FDR Park. One of my favorite spots for taking pictures is by the Gazebo. There’s also the Meadows that opened a couple years ago. I haven't shot there yet, but I’ve visited and I can tell you it would make for some lovely photos. I will actually be hosting my upcoming 2021 fall mini sessions here and I cannot wait!

I hope this inspires you to get out and get snapping in our beautiful city! For more information on booking a session with me, click the button below!

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