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Gift ideas for Mother's Day | Motherhood Mini Sessions | Philadelphia, PA

Mother’s Day is coming up! And you know what your wife/mother doesn’t want for Mother’s Day? Well, I’m not your wife or your mom, so I can’t necessarily speak for her/them. But chances are, she really doesn’t want a box of chocolates or a card with generic words of thanks on it. As a mama of two young kids myself, here are some of my top gift ideas that I would love to receive:

A massage

I think I’ve only ever had one massage in my life. I always say that I want one, but I just never take the initiative to book one. With how stressful being a parent is, I know my muscles could use a good de-knotting.

A very long nap

While it’s not something you can wrap, I know it’s something I would LOVE to receive. Maybe wrap up a big ol’ cardboard box with a tiny little note that says “a nap” or maybe something a little more creative (and maybe throw in a cute eye mask from Target too). I know a tired mama will appreciate it.

A full or half day off/away

Getting a day off, like a full day away sounds too good to be true. I’m envisioning chilling at a hotel nearby and sitting by the pool, drinking margaritas, and listening to an audiobook (or more likely binge-watching my latest TV show). Maybe I’d run to Target later and buy a bunch of cute stuff that I don't really need but makes me feel happy. Yeah, this sounds amazing.

A Motherhood Mini Session with my kids

My husband isn’t super into photo sessions. Chances are yours isn’t either. Also, my husband doesn’t usually take, uhh, high quality photos of me and my kids (95%+ are blurry). AND 99% of the time I’m the one taking pictures of my kids/my kids with my husband (who doesn’t even appreciate it nearly as much as I would!). Also, I have a unique and special bond with my kids that isn’t contingent on my husband that I’d love to capture in photos. So basically, if you’re like me and love having pictures with just your kids, and you want someone maybe slightly more skilled than your husband to take the photos, then this gift idea is definitely for you.


If you are reading this and you are a husband/father, then I hope some of these ideas spark some inspiration for a gift that a tired mama would truly cherish. And if you are that mama/wife who would realllllyyyyy love one of these gifts, maybe casually text this link to your husband, or nonchalantly leave it open on your browser. Or just go full-force and tell him to pick something off of the list. You deserve it Mama!

If you are interested in learning more about a Motherhood Mini Session, keep reading!

I will be hosting Motherhood Mini Sessions on April 30th at Tula Yoga & Wellness in Philadelphia, PA. All mamas (including expecting mamas) are welcome with their children. It is a 15 minute session giving you 5 beautiful digital images in time for Mother’s Day. The investment is $199 (+8% sales tax) for memories that you will cherish forever! The photos below are where the sessions will be taking place. Click here to save your spot!

Mother nursing child while smiling at camera
Philadelphia motherhood photographer
Philadelphia family photographer

I am a Philly family photographer giving my clients light & airy, dreamy, and genuine photos that they will cherish forever. To learn more about booking a session with me and becoming an MJP Family, click the button below. I can't wait to serve you!

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