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Family Session in Philadelphia, PA

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I would be a family photographer if I weren’t a parent myself. Mainly because taking (good) photos of little children is reallyyyy challenging. But being a mom has equipped me in a unique way to take portraits of little children. I’m used to the chasing and the corralling. I’m used to toddlers wanting nothing to do with what we ask of them. It really doesn’t phase me much anymore when this happens during a session. So know that when your toddler “acts out” during a session, they’re perfectly normal and you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. In fact, if your toddler were cooperating, that would confuse me far more than noncompliance!

Chasing around toddlers during sessions usually results in authentic, genuine portraits, which is what I always aim for. And I love that toddlers are just that naturally. They are just themselves, and I’m there to catch that no-nonsense authenticity on camera.

So if you’ve been worried about how your toddler will be during your season, fret no more. I fully expect them to not cooperate, but that hasn’t stopped me yet from getting beautiful family portraits! And if you want some tips for giving your toddler a better chance at cooperating, I wrote a blog post about that here!

mom hugging toddler and giving him a kiss on his cheek
toddler in a garden running
Family of three smiling for the camera
Toddler boy running to mom's arms
Mom and dad kiss toddler boy on his head
Toddler ear and body in front of trees
Happy couple in the garden
Toddler boy exploring a tree branch looking away from camera

I'm a local Philadelphia family photographer with a light and airy style. For more information on booking a session with me, click the button below. I look forward to serving you!

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