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Dreamy Old City Philadelphia Engagement

What’s your dream job? I am living my dream job--getting to give my clients beautiful memories and images that they will cherish forever. And when you add dream clients into the mix, it makes for utter magic. Click, click, click. That’s all I was doing, and could have done for hours longer with Stephanie & Trevor. Their beauty and lightheartedness, the glowy sun, the charming scenery... Everything was magical.

Engaged couple holds hands while walking

Well, maybe not quite everything. Just like many other should-have-been-2020 brides and grooms, Stephanie & Trevor had to postpone their 2020 wedding. But that little (or pretty significant!) fact led to us being able to have our engagement session together. Which then led to the most dreamy, magical session I could have imagined! I can only envision what their wedding will be like. I wish them all the dreamy, glowy magic that we had during our engagement session!

Happy engaged couple embracing
Engaged couple while woman looks at camera and man looks at her

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