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Best Philly locations for photo sessions | Philly's best family photographer

If you're wondering where you should have your photo session in Philadelphia, PA, then look no further! I've created a list of some of my absolute favorite locations in the city for sessions. Before you choose a location, it's helpful to know if you want a more urban vibe, or a more nature-y vibe. Sometimes there are locations that have a bit of both. Or maybe you have no idea yet what type of vibe you want. So take a peek at the following locations for some inspiration!

Bartram's Garden

If you've been around my social media or website for a while, you might already know that Bartram's Garden is one of my absolute (if not number 1) favorite locations for sessions. From late spring to fall it is a beautiful green garden that gets some seriously glowy light (and I'm allllll about that glowy light!).

Fairmount Park

Ok maybe I take it back that Bartram's Garden is my favorite... because Fairmount Park might be my favorite too. Cherry blossom season here is unbeatable, and even during the summer and fall you get some absolutely beautiful colors and dreamy light.

Old City

In and of itself, "Old City" is a pretty broad category since it is a whole neighborhood in Philly. However, there is a quaint little cobblestone street tucked away from the tourist hustle and bustle right next to the First Bank of the US. It gives you an old timey city feel while still capturing the changing tree colors of the seasons.

The Navy Yard

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "the Navy Yard?!" I admit, it does seem kind of random. However, this is so much diversity at the Navy Yard. You can get a business vibe going from all of the business buildings around. And you can also get a more park/nature vibe from the park with lots of trees nearby.

FDR Park

This is a great park because there's so much diversity. There's the Meadows which is beautiful and pretty much the pinnacle of nature-y. If you've never taken a walk back in the meadow, I highly recommend it--and I recommend finding all swings that are tucked away back there. There's also the gazebo and the boat house which are prominent features of FDR.

Ok so those are some of my favorites, and here are some honorable mentions that are still beautiful locations.

Tula Yoga & Wellness

Their yoga studio (in Northern Liberties) is so beautifully white and bright that it makes for some beautifulllll portraits. This is a great option in the winter when it's too cold to be outside, or when you just really love the look of indoor portraits best, or for newborn photos when your home isn't exactly where you'd want it to be.

E. Passyunk Ave

This is a great option if East Passyunk is your neighborhood or if you are always on the Ave. Definitely get the city vibe here, along with the occasional greenery thanks to Barcelona.

Percy Street Project

Look, I'm not going to lie, I 100% prefer a nature vibe to a city vibe. But that doesn't mean I don't like city vibes! I personally love living in Philly, so I always enjoy getting to capture these special streets with murals. Streets like Percy St. are part of what makes living in Philly the best.

Addison St.

City vibe at its finest. The lights on the trees are the cutest addition.

City Hall during the holidays

I don't think I need to convince you how adorable and festive these photos are!

Any neighborhood park

Honestly, you are the star of this show, so as long as there's some trees available, we can pretty much make (almost) any neighborhood park work. We don't have to go far to capture beautiful family portraits! (featured below are Jefferson Square, Columbus Square, & Dickinson Square).

Well, there you have it. I hope this gives you some ideas for where to have your session!

I am a Philly family photographer giving my clients light & airy, dreamy, and genuine photos that they will cherish forever. To learn more about booking a session with me and becoming an MJP Family, click the button below. I can't wait to serve you!

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