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There’s never a wrong time for new baby pictures

I think it’s probably obvious that there’s never a bad time to get portraits of your kids done. But what is possibly less agreed on is that there’s also not a wrong time to get pictures of your new baby done. Whether it is due to mama’s recovery, new baby stress, or whatever other possible reason, sometimes getting pictures done right when your baby is a newborn can be really challenging.

So whether your baby is 6 day old, 6 weeks old, or 6 months old, it’s never a bad time to capture the unique charm of their current age. In the years to come you’ll be so grateful that you made the investment to create these special memories that you’ll cherish forever.

To learn more about booking a new baby session with me, click the button below.

Philadelphia newborn session baby yawning
Mom holds newborn while he smiles up at her
Mom nurses newborn while older child looks on
Newborn looks up to the sky
Newborn with older sister and brother smile at the camera
Newborn baby smiles with hands to face
Newborn baby looking over to side with hands by face
Newborn and older sister touch noses
Philadelphia newborn session
Newborn feet and legs
Newborn baby tucked into bed

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