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South Philadelphia Graduation Session

To be perfectly honest, I really don’t remember much from my graduation. I graduated from Rowan University while I was married to my husband, so I never really spent much time on campus. Before Rowan University, I had gotten my associate’s degree from a community college, so I had the same experience there as well. Looking back, there’s a part of me that wishes I had the full college experience. I think if I had, I would probably remember more and would have appreciated graduation more!

Lorraine is graduating from Rutgers University New Brunswick, cum laude with her degree in mechanical engineering. I absolutely love when women bust through typically male dominated fields. Hence her graduation cap--break the glass ceiling!

We spent Saturday morning in the Navy Yard in Philly. In my opinion, the Navy Yard is Philly’s best kept secret. During the week, it is bustling with business women and men; but on the weekends, it’s almost dead. Which makes it a perfect getaway oasis. And there are so many unique backgrounds that it’s a dream location for me as a photographer!

Lorraine trusted me with these locations. To the non-photographer, some of them may have seemed odd or unusual, but I saw them as perfect potential. And I’m so glad she trusted me, because they turned out beautiful!

Commemorating graduation in this way is a great idea to help you remember your hard work and achievement. Maybe if I had had graduation portraits when I graduated, I would remember a bit more from the special time!

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