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Philadelphia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Preparing for Your Session

Having a newborn can be stressful. Looking back to when my babes were newborns, I remember being in a constant sleepless daze, worrying about my recovery and fretting over my baby’s safety and health. Adding worry about a photo session is the last thing new parents need! So I’m here to give you the information you need to help ease your worries and stress about our upcoming newborn session. It’s going to be perfectly imperfect!

Here are some helpful tips and information to be sure everything goes as smoothly as possible:

1. Tidy up a couple spaces

Whether that means shoving a mess from one room to another, or doing a deep clean, pick a few spaces near windows to tidy up. Having natural light available is going to be key to getting my signature light & airy, dreamy look. It doesn’t have to be your most beautiful spot in the house, just as long as some beautiful light is available, you and your baby will shine as the stars of the photos. That’s what it is all about anyway! And please don’t apologize for how messy your house is! I’ve seen it all, and my house is probably worse anyway!

2. Don’t worry about feeding baby ahead of time

Traditional newborn photographers will probably tell you to feed baby ahead of time due to them wanting baby to be nice and sleepy for all the posing. I don’t use traditional posing, so this isn’t necessary. In fact, I LOVE getting precious photos of mamas nursing. I know I personally look back on photos of me nursing my babies with longing and love. So if baby needs to eat during our session, it is another beautiful moment for me to capture.

3. Turn up the heat

Whether it’s the middle of winter, or the dog days of summer, it will be helpful to have your home somewhat toasty. This gets less important as baby gets older, but really young babies need the cozy warmth to help them feel safe and secure.

4. Have swaddles available

Another thing that helps really young babies feel safe and secure is being swaddled. I personally always bring a couple of white/cream swaddles with me to my newborn sessions, but if you have some favorites that you’d like baby to be wrapped in, make sure they are clean and ready to use.

5. Live life during your session

I want to capture these early moments in an authentic way that captures what life is like during this special time. So this means that I might ask you to put your baby on the changing table, nurse your baby, or any other “mundane” thing that you do to care for your baby. These are the moments when they are grown that we’ll look back on with longing.

I want this time to be as stress-free, authentic, and organic as possible. I hope these tips help you feel more at ease and help you look forward to our session. I can’t wait to serve you and meet your precious new one!

I'm a local Philadelphia parenthood & family photographer with a light and airy style. For more information on booking a session with me, click the button below. I look forward to serving you!

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